How to Fill an Easter Basket

How to Fill an Easter Basket

You can really go so many ways with Easter baskets, and with so many options today it can honestly be SO overwhelming. We made a guide to make it easy to build your Easter baskets in a hop, skip and a jump!

  1. Eggs: It is your choice on how big/small/fancy/many eggs you have in your basket! I would go for eggs that are the best size to scale against the basket you are putting it in. 
    1. AESTHETIC: Jacquot Hollow Chocolate Eggs 
      1. These are so beautiful and FUN! You cannot beat the cute foil wrapping around these delicious hollow eggs. Not only are these solid chocolates that are fairly strong, but they are so delicious too  because they are crafted with fine chocolate. Try these eggs out if you are looking for an INSTA-FRIENDLY option!
    2. TASTE: Reese's Eggs
      1. A classic that tastes just like you remember them from your childhood. Perfection should never change - and if anything, these have elevated. These creamy, peanut butter filled eggs are the perfect option if you are looking for a DELICIOUS choice! 
    3. ICON: Cadbury Eggs
      1. The cutest, tiniest eggs hiding in your little ones basket can be such a treat to find along with all the other delicious goodies! With an assortment of colors and a fun crunchy eggshell exterior, these are sure to be a hit with kids for how cute they are. Grab a bag of these for ON THEME fun!
        Cadbury eggs

  2. Candy Assortment: Next with your eggs, you must get a complimentary candy that is perfect for your basket. If you have a lot of chocolate, try a fruity option. If you have an old-favorite, try a new option. If you have a hollow item, try a filled option. That being said, no combination is wrong - it just depends on what your family loves. 
    1. A MUST-HAVE: Jelly Beans - Starburst & Jelly Belly
      1. Jelly beans are some of the most iconic Easter candies, so it is a MUST. The best part about these is that you get so many flavors depending which kind you get. With these bulk buys, these may even last until next Easter if they don’t get eaten fast enough! 
    2. AN ALTERNATIVE CHOICE: Whopper Robin Eggs
      1. Similar to the Cadbury egg, these have a cute little shell around the chocolates, however the biggest difference is that crunchy center! Both the speckles on the outside and that classic whopper center are such a fun surprise and bring a smile to every face. 
    3. VARIATION IS NECESSARY: Ghirardelli Assorted Bunnies
      1. Can’t have Easter without the Easter bunny! And when one flavor just won’t suffice, make sure you get ALL the flavors. The best part about this chocolate set of bunnies is all the different variations, especially the caramel filled ones.

  3. Basket Fill Ups:
    1. CUTE: Cotton Candy
      1. Something every kid loves and no one would expect are these adorably pastel blue OR pink cotton candy! Even more exciting would be to fill a little transparent bag up with the fluff, draw a cute little bunny face and ears, or even a cute blue bird for spring! See the photo below for examples:
        Bunny Cotton Candy Bagbird cotton candy bag
    2. FUN: Slime Sand/Thinking Putty
      1. Of course, the best part of any basket is the prizes inside! Try filling up some space with Aaron’s Thinking Putty or some fun slime for your kids to enjoy. What is a day of play without some great toys?! 
    3. EXCITING: Disney Princess Wet Brush Set (Belle, Cinderella) OR Maisto BMW
      1. Lastly, an item that is cute for everyday that may not be Easter-y, but is something that both you and your family can enjoy is our Wet Brush collection! Each set includes something a bit different, from collectable brushes to hair clips and scrunchies.

  4. AND FINALLY: Lindt Gold Bunny
    A must have to top off your Easter basket is the star of the show: The Lindt Gold Bunny - the icing on the cake to the entire basket. While no one will turn away the rest of the basket without the bunny, it is what makes little eyes sparkle big and wide. Without the big chocolate bunny, the basket has lost a bit of its fun, so be sure to get yours!

So there you have it! Tons of fun ways to spruce up your Easter baskets. Hopefully that helps give you a direction you want to go in or some ideas to grab last minute to build those cute core memories for your family!

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